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PAPATYA WAVE chaise lounge
A product of: Voko GmbH
Wave deck chair is indispensable when relaxing in the countryside, by the sea or by the pool. The innovative coating made of high-strength mesh fabric from the leading French manufacturer Serge Ferrari is pleasant to the touch and reliable in operation, it is light and easy to care for. The covering consists of the air-permeable fabric “Breathing”. It does not stretch or shrink, is not afraid of moisture, dries quickly, does not fade in the sun, and feels cool even under the scorching rays of the sun. The coating has antibacterial properties. The material is made of anodized aluminum: the material is characterized by a natural metallic shine that gives the product elegance and seriousness. The backrest can be adjusted using the grooves on the back of the deck chair: it takes up four positions. The product is immune to moisture, UV radiation, extreme temperatures and corrosion. Stackable up to 20 pieces.
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