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Seilo® CRYL acrylic resin floor coating
Due to their physical und chemical properties, the jointless Seilo CRYL coatings prevent the ingress of fluids and dirt, thus providing durable protection of industrial floors in kitchens. Seilo CRYL is suitable for nearly all areas in hotels and restaurants that process foodstuffs where stringent demands are placed on hygiene and safety work. The coating can come inti use not only in kitchen areas but also in washrooms, cold rooms, technical rooms, storage rooms and basements as well as in sanitary facilities and wellness areas. Thanks to their excellent compressive strength and resistance to abrasion, the coatings are also ideal for areas with increased mechanical stress exerted by serving trolleys. The system complies with all currently valid safety and hygiene regulations of the food pocessing industry. Seilo CRYL acrylic resin coatings are fully loadable after tho hours, renovation can take place without interruption of operations.


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