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Paper Jack - towel paper dispenser electronic
A product of: Ille Papier-Service GmbH
The dirt on the hands is loosened with water and soap. Some of it is already removed by the running water. However, the largest part of the dirt is only removed with the towel. It is important that the towel is particularly clean and has a large, open-pored surface structure to be able to absorb a lot of dirt. Studies have shown that paper is best suited for this purpose.

You can only find the electronic towel paper dispenser "Paper Jack" at Ille! Anyone who approaches its innovative Magic Touch sensor system with their hand within just 2 cm automatically activates the paper output. Due to the contactless triggering of the paper transport, this towel paper dispenser guarantees the highest possible hygiene. The fresh towel paper in the dispenser is protected from environmental influences until it is removed by the user. Neither the paper nor the dispenser is touched when it is dispensed. This technology is also used in our soap and disinfectant dispensers.


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